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28 August 2021

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Hello Zona traveller, the city of Lampung so much beach with its own appeal. Well this time you are interested in reviewing Minang Rua beach which is said to have a hidden green canyon.

Surely you are no stranger to the name of Green Canyon, yes this is a place that only exists abroad, namely America. But it turns out the city of Gajah also has you know. How curious isn't it here?

Let's get curiously for a long time, we are cleaning up completely starting from the location and route, the ticket price is admitted to the attraction of the coast of Minang Rua in Lampung.

Location Location and Journey

This beach tourist destination is right in Kelawi Village, Bakauheni District, South Lampung Regency. The area itself has entered the Minang Rua area which is managed by several tourist conscious groups (Pokdarwis).

So it's only natural that this beach looks so well maintained and awake. The location is also very easy to reach by driving visitors. Where it is only about 90 km or if we calculate it in time it can take 2 hours of travel.

Travel routes if from Bandar Lampung City, then please drive the vehicle to Jalan Soekarno Hatta Long, then pass through the city of Kalianda. And cross the Sumatran Bakauheni crossing.

Afterwards it will be seen a concentrated black Garuda statue near POM Bensi. Then take the right lane and just follow the road Mausk into the alley until it finds a kind of board instructions rah to go to Minang Rua Beach.

If you don't want to bother carrying a vehicle, it can take the tavel at the T-junction of Jalan Kalalau Antasari / Rajabasa region right next to the Hajimena roundabout. Which is usually also charged a tariff of around Rp. 80,000 / person.

Price of admission

To be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach, at the beginning of the entrance you must first pay for an entrance ticket charged by Rp. 5,000 / person.

Whereas if it takes a private vehicle to the coast of Minang Rua such as two wheels, parking rates are Rp. 5,000 / units and four-wheeled vehicles of Rp. 10,000 / unit.

But the parking fee will change again, friend, where is a normal day with a great day to apply parking fees differently. If above in a tear for a normal day. While the big day of parking rates is kenyaan Rp. 10,000 to 20,000 / unit.

Operating hours of the coast of Minang Rua

If you have made an event, you will definitely find out first about the tourist spot starting to open the hours? To be faster to implement the visitors.

You can come around 08.00 until it's finished. Because there are still many visitors who come for camping or camping overnight at the location.

But you want to remindess after the activity of the camp don't forget all the items and the garbage below don't leave it in the Minang Rua beach area. It's good to apply that cleanliness is rumoring from faith. Not to pollute the environment.

Supporting facilities

Like other tourist attractions, this beach is also supported by other facilities to add to the comfort of visitors. Because this beach is managed by a tourist conscious group definitely maintained.

Well some of them are equipped with a place to eat, clean toilets, mosque, rinse places and a large parking area.

Other than that too if you are looking for the closest inn with Ahrga which is right in the bag can try to one of them is reddoorz near Bakauheni Lampung Harbor, Kahai Beach Resort and also a sulfur wamples.

The attraction of the coast of Minang Rua

There are Turtle Nests and Late Conservation

This is one of the beaches that have self-breeding turtles in the city of Lampung. Because here is a hatchlings nest to lay eggs. This is also one of the attractions for visitors to see turtles.

You can find turtle eggs under the sand, after they hatch. The turtle child will lead to the sea, if you are lucky, visitors can take a break and take pictures directly with turtles.

Have Goa Adventure

This is one of the most photo spots being targeted by tourists. It turns out that Minang Rua Beach besides having the beauty of its sea is in the form of clean white sand and there are unique rocks.

There are also caves in which many bats are hanging. So in the suggestion if you want to take pictures quite from the outside. Because it is quite dangerous, but still has its own plots that are also not beautiful.

Green Canyon Lampung Enchantment

Green Canyon Lampung Enchantment

This is a thing that you must really come to because if you want to leave the country far enough, but Lampung has it. This place really presents a different natural atmosphere.

Where visitors can jump and Hangled using a tree hanger and just evembled into clear beach water. Afterwards you will feel a cool cold sensation after jumping from height.

The water here is very clear with the greenish color so it seems clear gradation of the color of the water. And around it there is a high cliff that is really suitable to take pictures of the style of Green Canyon in America.

Stunning sunset

Sunset view always becomes a separate primado for many visitors in various tourist attractions. And not Aklah also on the coast of Minang Rua which will look orange sunset charm and a lot is made as an Instagramable photo background

Asri hills and environment

Finally, the attraction is quite a lot in a hurry too, the area is hit by the hill and is still so beautiful with it seems that the trees are green and thick. Can imagine not with the area of ​​Minang Rua coast which reaches 300 meters.

Stretched white sand from north to south with a rampant beach. So it's very suitable who want to sit relax around the beach while enjoying the panoramic view of the beach.

Interesting activities on the coast of Minang Rua


Already arrived at the beach not afdol Jiak doesn't swim but don't be in the middle of the sea, you will be quite dangerous.

Beach volleyball

This is one of the plus values ​​if visiting here because it can while exercising, namely playing beach volleyball. Where with beach lips which also supports also for this activity

See turtle captivity

The vacation while education includes the right thing too, from the above reviews of Suda said on this beach there is a turtle captivity place to breed. After the squeezed turtle hatched until the age of 7 months will be released to return to his habitat.

You can follow this activity especially if it brings the baby to the lives of turtle life directly. Definitely more fun and exciting right?

How smapulous here is quite clearly not a friend of PesananusAku about the coast of Minang Rau in Lampung which is very suitable for traveling with the baby.

Hopefully the reviews above are useful, friend and don't forget to share your experiences if you have traveled here to be enjoyed by others too. Precisely in the comment pool below, friend. Or you can also share the reviews above to add information.

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