Alau Alau Beach Kalilanda | Small paradise from Lampung

6 September 2021

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Alau Alau Beach Kalilanda - Hello, Travellers's, this time we will review the beach with the nickname of the most beautiful white sand in Lampung. Yes the beach is especially if it's not Alau Alau beach. Indeed every marine tourism destination must have the side of their respective beauty.

The thing that makes this beach gets the nickname is a stretch of white sand that is combined with black rock on the tip of this beach. So it's natural if this beach is fairly exotic, plus the waves are not so big.

That way also there are many activities that you can start from swimming, playing beach volleyball or just sitting to relax with your family. Let's immediately review this Kalianda alone beach.

Location route to travel

Oh yeah, friend before we know more about this beach. It turns out that the name we know is now as this Kalianda Alau-ATAU coast, the Laguna Beach of Laguna Help Resort Kalianda. This is because there is a modern wooden and resort inside this beach.

Or you can also call it the name ALU ALU BOUTIQUE RESORT. It turns out you can also reach several other popular tours such as Ketang Beach or Batu Beach Rame, Grand Elty Krakatoa, Kedu Beach, Embe Kalianda Beach, Kahau Beach, Temple Beach near this one beach.

Then where is the location of the beach that has the existence? You can find this marine tourist destination right to Jalan Sinar Sea No. 81, Way Urang, Kalianda, South Lampung Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia.

The distance is not so far from Bakauheni port about 37 km to get to the destination. Meanwhile, if tourists from the Rajabasa Terminal Airport Lampung can also take approximately 65 km away and can also from Radin Inten airport who traveled a long trip around one hour drive with a distance of 82 km.

Route to travel

Well from several routes that have been mentioned above everything can be explored easily by tourists both using two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles.

First there is a route leading to the Kalianda area until it arrives at a junction right on the Sumatra crossing. Then, you turn a private vehicle to the left and enter the road two lanes. Around the area if there is already found the office of the South Lampung Regent meaning the goal is not far away. It's just just a board that already exists to go to Alau Aau Kalianda beach.

While it can also use the bus or even the majoring in Rajabasa. Which you will go down at the Great Mosque of Kalianda or the South Lampung Regional Government office complex. Then the journey will continue to take a motorcycle taxi, the tariff can still be reached around Rp. 20,000. Anyway, smart tourists make up with motorcycle taxi drivers.

Price of admission

If speaking incoming rates in the official visitor's official do not need to worry about spending inside, because this beach is very friendly with the contents of the visitors' bags.

Where the price of the entrance ticket to Aau Alau Beach Kalianda just pays IDR 10,000 / person on a normal day, while on holidays is subject to an entrance rate of IDR 20,000 / person. Friend taste is a very affordable price with what will be enjoyed when you are on this beach.

So in this likinty is some of the small paradise of Kalianda with an amazing panorama. The view that is prepared is directly facing the Mountain Rajabasa. With a mountain height of 1281 MasPL suitable for the photo background especially when sunset arrives in the afternoon. The romantic impression will be felt when it comes with family or relatives.

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Visitors who come from outside the city do not need to worry about wanting to find an inn because on Aau Alau Beach in Kalilanda there are cottages that can be rented. The lodging rental fee is fairly right in the bag we stay adjusted to the budget.

Of the range of IDR 500,000 to IDR 200,000,000 permannya. The rental price will also adjust to the facilities and also the number of rooms available. But whatever type you will rent will definitely make your sleep comfortable.

A little review yes, travellers, my cottages for the bed consisting of a double size complete with ceiling fan each room. Then there is a dining table, gas stove along with complete cooking utensils and meals.

We went to the cottages with 4 rooms, there are several facilities that are added like a 14-inch TV, a refrigerator, a guesthouse, a lounge and there are 2 bathrooms. The equipment in the bathroom is complete like a shower and a sitting closet.

The private vehicle parking lot or bus is very spacious here but on this beach yet in Lenhkapo swimming pool.

The question above certainly doesn't reduce your friend for

Will be feeling at home lingering here, because I want to spend the night at the Cottage on Aau Alau Kalianda beach like your own home.

Activities that can be done on Aau Aau Beach Kalilanda

Enjoy Sunset and Sunrise

That is quite later about most of the end of the Panorama view of the beauty of Sunset and Sunrise who truly spoil the eyes of anyone who sees. Even not rarely tourists come far from both local or foreign to see the beauty.

Moreover, accompanied by a cup of coffee, the breeze of Anggin and indeed the beauty of ALAU ATA BEACH emanated from smooth and soft white sand, black rock on the shoreline, the waves were not so strong and the sea water was blue.

Exciting camping

According to this friend, a plus value has a coast of Laguna Help Resort Kalianda or what we know as now. Where the visitors are allowed to mold the tent on the beach for those who like camping.

Even though those who are both we know here, there are cottagem homestays or hotels whose rental rates will not make us easily for the money bakali.

According to you, you also in browsing, it is really obliged to use it where it can be integrated with a beach atmosphere at a cost that is not great, of course. Who isn't interested and being tempted?

The literacy carried out by tourists who camped in the afternoon was enjoying the beautiful sunset color from the beach and no less than the sun peek at the eastern horizon or called Sunrise. Oh yeah don't forget this moment, friend, friend when the view is beautiful at sugging.

Continue at night usually the backpackers filled camping activities by making the fire on the beach to warm the cold air.


Okay, how come here is quite clear, not my friend's friend about ALAU ALAU Beach, Kalianda in South Lampung which is very suitable for traveling with family and friends. Besides being satisfied with the atmosphere and spot-spot photos that are Instagrmable as well as the view of the natural panorama.

Hopefully the article above is useful, friend and don't forget to share your experience if you have traveled here to be enjoyed by others too. Precisely in the comment pool below, friend. Or if it feels that the article is useful, then please share it to your social media. I think enough and thank you.

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