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5 September 2021

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Peak Mas Lampung - Hello, Travellers, this time we turn to Lampung city that is no less attraction in other cities. Yes, the peak of Mas Lampung which is a tourist destination for Patterning Valley from the highlands of Bandar Lampung City.

We are sure if you have visited here to be difficult to move on. Because in the afternoon you will be suggested by the golden sunset view that will spoil the eyes and around the area there are many photos of the aesthetic photos that you must try.

Arriving here on the stunning of the peak tourism mas Lampung? If yes immediately read the reviews where yes friend, because it will discuss all good location, ticket price or I pull from this tour.

Peak Mas Lampung

Peak Mas Lampung

At first glance about Mas Lampung Puncak Tourism

The owner of this tourist place is a famous famous figure in Lampung, Thomas Aziz Riska. Around in 2019 this place was only land on magic into a certain destination to see tourist trends of young people who were interested in interest.

Even the work is guided by the concept of Indonesian Millennial Tourism. Until 2020 this tour was officially opened and known as Puncak Mas Lampung. Until when IBI had many tourists who came like photography that hunted beautiful moments in the photo.

The peak address of Mas Lampung

This one tour is indeed the best place for those of you who want to remove fatigue from so many a pile of routines. The fresh air and beautiful scenery will make the visitors comfortable to linger here.

And this area area is very well organized by the management and always innovation so that visitors do not get bored.

Oh yeah, friend the address is on Jalan H. Hamrin RJP, Sukadana Ham Village, Tanjung Karang Barat District, Bandar Lamung City, Lampung Province, 35215. The location is also not far from the city center of Bandar Lampung, but this tour is very cool because around the hillside area .

Route to Peak Mas Lampung

For access to the destination it is quite easy to reach and the road is also good. Because the distance is close to the city center about 9 kilometers just or with a travel time of approximately 30 minutes.

If you are from the direction of Citraland, just step on your vehicle gas to the green valley. Then it will find Tugu Duren and take the left towards Sukadana Ham Village. Right there will look directions towards the top of Mr. Lampung, so just follow it.

While it can also be from Tamrin Market, then advance your vehicle to Tugu Duren. Next turn to the right and just stay straight until the Sukadana Ham.

Or if you start a journey from Buluk Betung, afterwards passing Jalan PDAM Way Rilau. Then just take the back road to Je Citraland Lampung, then point the vehicle to Tugu Duren and follow the instructions for the destination.

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Ticket Rates Entrance Mas Lampung

Same with most other tours, of course at your entrance first paying the entrance ticket fee. But my friend's friend does not need to be afraid to spend a large pocket, because the end is only enough to pay Rp. 20,000 / person.

While those who bring private vehicles whether they are motorbikes, cars or buses only to be charged parking fees of Rp. 10,000 / unit. Then with the entrance ticket, are you free to enjoy every photo spot?

Of course it's not your friend you need an additional cost you need to spend every drive. It's like a hanging bicycle vehicle that released a pocket of Rp. 30,000.

Operational hour

The Peak of Mas Lampung is open every day, friend, friend, is open on Monday for 24 hours while on Tuesday to Sunday it is open at 08.00 to 17.00 WIB.

Well to manage Refernsions and more information you can visit IG @Pakmasthomas or can contact telephone number 0822-6950-3939.

Amenities at Puncak Mas Lampung.

As a tour that carries a modern concept and modern juag, of course it has been equipped with facilities that will make the visitors comfortable to linger here.

Starting from a large parking area, gazebo, clean toilets, mosque, exciting game rides, instagramable spot selfies, food court or outdoor cafe, live music on weekends and a beautiful garden.

Activities and vehicles

There will be a lot of vehicles that visitors can visit from hanging bicycles, tree houses, children's playgrounds to cafes. The object that is the attraction of this place is according to its name which will be suggested by the panorama of the natural beauty of the height.

The beauty of the natural panorama of height

From the height of the place you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the green hills and the panorama of the Bay Bay Betung with the air that is at least able to treat the tastes all day ago. So Naturally, if this tour is a lot of interest in various circles.

Whether it comes in the afternoon or even the afternoon ahead of the day visitors still get their own romantic impression. But if you want to enjoy dusk then can come in the afternoon to see the reddish alngit from the top of Mas Lampung which is very exotic.

And no less in the evening will look at the city lights from a distance and the height of the neat city layout. Especially if it comes when the sunny sky the beauty of the beautiful sky Lampung will make you hayut in the atmosphere.

Unique Mosque in Durian Tree

Then not the uniqueness of this place is for those who want to pray at height can come here. Why is that friend? Because his prayer is a public facility for visitors in the durian tree.

And deliberately made two mosque for men and also women separately. The concept that was also claimed to be the first to be in the city of Lampung. The idea began because the former tourist destination was a durian garden land.

For its own height at the mosque of the man above an altitude of 8 meters ready to accommodate 25 pilgrims. Age of women's mosque is made above the height of the durian tree 6 meters and the capacity of 15 worshipers.

In this tree mosque you can also see city views from the urban atmosphere to a wide-stretched sea stretch. How come here is interested yet to come to the top of Mr. Lampung?

Instagramable spot photos

The warehouse spot photos that will beautify your social media. Invite friends or families who are good at rubbing images so far come here not loss.

So it's not wrong if you want to devote each of the best moments with all the unique spot photos in the Atmabh Tenar beautiful scenery, then it is definitely a result is a cool photo. Some spot photos here are in air balloons, gazebos, bridges of love and beautiful flower gardens.

Indoor Cafe

After you are satisfied walking around and grabbing Selfoto Ria here, of course after that the stomach will feel rumbling. Then just go to the cafes that provide delicious food and very friendly prices in the bag.

While eating meals and drinks with the view of Lampung city in several areas available. Or you can also sit in one of the pendopoes or gezebo at the top of Mr. Lampung.

Hanging bicycle rides

For tourists who are not afraid of heights and also like rides that spur adrenaline, then can try this hanging bicycle vehicle. Where the trajectory is only a few meters.

Delicious every ride here is also in accordance with the security procedure of the party on duty and has been trained. Like the helmet, retaining rope and clothes in particular.

Children's game rides

Finally for visitors who bring a baby can invite him to the children's play area. So this is a distinct plus value of Puncak Puncak Lampung while traveling while playing and testing the dexterity and believes the fruit of your day.

That's my friend, I am a glimpse of the tourist review of Mas Lampung, which is suitable for a vacation with family and is a recommendation location.

Hopefully the reviews above are useful, friend and don't forget to share your experiences if you have traveled here to be enjoyed by others too. Precisely in the comment pool below, friend.

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