The Peak of the Bandung Star : has a columni spot!

4 September 2021

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Peak of the Bandung Star — Hello, Traveller, who doesn't know the Puncak Bandung Tourism? Partnership destinations for children now. If you discuss flower cities it will never end there is always a new tour that has an instagramable spot spot.

Here you will save the scenery of the exoticism of the city of Parahyangan from the height. Especially in the afternoon before the night of the romantic impression you will enjoy with the planned sunset.

Then what activities can be done here, then what about the ticket prices, addresses and routes that can be traveled and other things related to the peak of the Bandung star?

Peak of the Bandung Star

Peak of the Bandung Star

Address and route to the peak of the Bandung star

For those of you who have included this tour to the list list to visit, you can go directly to the Bongkor Buntis Village, Cimenyan District, Bandung Regency.

If you have already visited the Moko Hill tour, it is not so far from the location, only about 200 meters. Because these tours are as popular as they are better known as Bukit Bukit Moko.

While the route to the top of the Bandung Star itself which is usually traveled by the end of the road Padasuka Cicaheum. More precisely from the location of Saung Angklung Udjo is around 8.5 km to the north.

If your vehicle from Bandung, just point to the Cicaheum terminal. Then meet the intersection before the Red Light Cicaheum, then turn left towards Jalan Padasuka.

The road is quite narrow, uphill and rather extreme. So you suggest to be more careful and bring a private car or motorcycle. If the bus is quite dangerous.

Entrance ticket prices and operating hours

Your friend's taste will never complain if you want to visit some tourist attractions in Badung. Why so? Because with all views that you can enjoy and the facilities available certainly won't make kebol bags.

Especially to the top of the Bandung star which is enough to issue a budget of Rp. 15,000 / person. While for parking rates for your two-wheeled vehicles are charged a fee of Rp. 5,000 / units and four-wheeled vehicles of the parking fee of Rp. 10,000 / unit. As well as his camping ticket at a price tag for IDR 25,000.

Next for hours, it is from 08.00 to 19.00 WIB every day, Monday to Sunday. However, in the end of the year the year of Barua, the week of the week can be opened 24 hours.

Supporting facilities

Similar to many other tourist destinations that want to make the visitors comfortable so even the peak of the Bandung star. Among several amenities is a musholla, toilet, a comfortable istarhat place, track hiking, camping area and also a coffee shop ...

Then the parking area is spacious where the end can park the vehicle near the Daweung / Moko Warung or the parking area below. Furthermore, if you want to fill a rumor that there is a lesehan stall to eat at the same time.

Lodging near the Peak of Bandung Bintang

Visitors do not need to worry if they want to spend the night around the area and find a comfortable inn. Of course there are already several hotels or lodging that you can try to just adjust the budget again.

Some of the recommendations of the vahasia close to the tour is the Cicaheum Hotel, Arka Family Villa, New Bukit Kasih, Detuik Resto Resort and Scarlet Bukit Pakar.

And it turns out close to other tours as well as Dago Dreampark, Ciwidey and also Moko's hill.

Bandung star peak attraction

It is impossible if this tour can attract many visitors without all attraction. Here the end will get a lot of positions that produce instagramable spot spots. Especially when sunset and sunrise from the height of the peak.

Pine forests

The first thing you can visit you is coming to the pine forest. This area is still very clean and also beautiful and the beautiful panorama of Bandung from the height of the hill of Moko.

Then visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the Lembang fault area by doing hiking through a pine forest of approximately 2 km or with a 30-minute travel time.

For those of you who want to take a good spot photo coming in the day or in the afternoon when the light and sunlight penetrated the pine tree and added the fall of pine leaves

Enjoy Sunset and Lanscape City of Bandung

When you arrive at the Puncak Bandung Tourism where it is at an altitude of 1442 Masl. Then you make sure it will be amazed by the neighborhood of the city of Bandung from above.

Lanscape City Van Java van from the end to end is clearly added to the stunning oranmen city of the stunning city. Especially if it comes with family, friends or loved ones in the afternoon, the warm and romantic atmosphere will be more memorable.

Daweung / Moko Coffee Shop

Well to add to the impression of waw it's a good idea while brewing a cup of coffee from Daweu's shop

Ng Vilayya immediately faces a natural stretch at the top of the Bandung star.

The price of a cup of coffee that enjoyed it was also tagged at a price that was so worth. The distance of the Kopoko coffee shop is not far only about 200 meters to the location.

Star Pier

Bintang dock is also one of the spot photographs that will like and most by tourists.

For its own place it turns out to be high, you know, friend with Pohob Pine around it. Especially if you come at night, definitely a cool leisure.


Another exciting activity while at the top of the Bandung star is camping in places that have been provided by the management of the manager. So you who came just sat sweet. Because equipment is available.

Then you also turn on the wooden fire wood to illuminate and add to the true impression of camping. Camping activities did not make the end of a booking but could directly register on the day concerned.

But for a weekend holiday or like the new year, you must have a lot of the end. So you can come more early in order to get Stock Camping through a telephone number 0812-1404-8781.

Friend also reminds when you decide to be edited here, the vehicle cannot be below to go to the destination but it is parked at the Daweung stall which is around Rp. 15,000 / unit.

Sunrise hunting in the broken lembang

Lembang fault became a spot spot that was proud of Puncak Bandung Puncak. What is the view that is offered? What will be enjoyed you are the beauty of nature in the sunsrise or sunset that adds to the impression of romantic. And the distance to the destination is quite easy and not time consuming.

Tips for visiting the Puncak Bintang Bandung

In order for your tourist trip fun and smooth, you will share some tips to all.

Because this is a tour in the open, friend suggests and reminds to prepare all the needs that is needed optimally. Especially those who want to take care of camping.
Bring a good vehicle so that there are no obstacles on the way because you have said the loom is classified as uphill and turning.

That's my friend's friend at a glance at the Bandung Star Puncak tourist review that is suitable for vacation and becomes a recommendation location.

Hopefully the reviews above are useful, friend and don't forget to share your experiences if you have traveled here to be enjoyed by others too. Precisely in the comment pool below, friend.

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