Largest Beach Kalianda: The Charm of Rocks

2 September 2021

Oleh : Adjie Prasetyo

Dilihat : 15 Kali

Beach in Kalianda - Hello traveller, Turkish tight Trump or better known as Batu Rame is one of the coastal tourist destinations much demand. Because it is the area known as the Trump beach destination that all have side distinctness.

To the extent that South Lampung regency was given the nickname of District 1000 beach. How rich the district will nautical tourism is no less exotic.

Beach in Kalianda

Well my friend wondered why on this occasion will be discussed related to marine tourism spot in the Trump and very nice to be a cool photo spot. The beach was so tight Trump coast which will complete in reviewing here.

Originally glimpse Name

Well if many people know about ya designation Rame Stone coast, but in fact it is the same beach and the equally famous for his own name to the beach tight.

Giving its name is derived from the many rocks in the coast so that people around more easily remember the name of a rock beach crowded.

Each side of the beach tight Trump could always captivate the eyes of the beholder, as the surrounding beach view, view rocks on the shoreline are scattered along both sunset and sunrise sensation in the afternoon or in the morning.


Trump tight beach was easily reached by the visitors whether local or foreign, which are located at the site in the Village Way Urang, District Trump, South Lampung regency, Lampung, Indonesia 35 551.

Travel route

Jalananya access is also not difficult to be reached by many visitors and it is also close to the center of the capital which is only less than 5 Km and the approximate travel time of only 10 minutes from downtown Trump.

The route when passing on the road Kususma Nations or also can Jalan Gatot Subroto / Jalan Lintas Sumatera. Visitors were not worried that he will stray bullet because it was no signpost. It is also already available on Google Maps in the app every mu advanced phones.

You see if your route travels from the Bandar Lampung majors can take a bus to Port Bakauheni or trevel are usually at the official price of the fare of Rp 30,000 (bis) and Rp 50,000 (trevel).

Then it will fall in the Great Mosque Trump or more known Dome Mosque Intan. And continue Kusuma Bangsa alley entrance that is not so far from the mosque earlier. For more delicious you can bring your own vehicle to get to the beach tight Trump and the access road was already so good.

Price of admission

Everyone would have been happy not when on vacation to the beach without having to spend money to pay admission? They came to the stone beach crowded Trump, but if you do not want to rent delaman's tired all the way to Rp 10,000.

Although free beach is still so tight Trump experienced thanks to the surrounding community. Sprawling white sand and gentle on the shoreline, plus the beauty of the rocks that decorate and view the background of Mount Rajabasa.

Operational hour

There are no hour limit for visitors to visit the beach is so tight it open every day with a range of 06.00 to exhausted itself.

Sightseeing which is close to the beach Stone Rame

According to this friend into consideration and also a plus his own, how there is not some tourist who is not so much with tight Beaches Trump.

Starting from-Alau Alau Boutique Resort, urang way beaches, parks inuh fabric Trump, the way the sulfur hot spring baths, dock bomb guys, Canti beautiful beaches, beaches and beach stone urns kapa reporters.

Beach in Kalianda Attractiveness


Having fun walking around looking at every corner of the beach tight Trump will definitely rumbling stomach. Eits friend not to worry because it was a lot of places that sell food to local specialty snacks there.

Or you like the kulineran seafood, of Adaiah buddy so fitted when vacationing here. Sbeb there are many types of fresh fish prepared in cooking and eat later in a condition that is so fresh while looking at beach view.

Spot Photo

Beach in Kalianda

True said the millennial not afdol if it is far away visit a place without devoting every moment. One of the most often used as background photo spot is a panoramic view of Mount Rajabasa that altitude to 1,281 meters above sea level.

Or it could also mengambal current genetic picture while playing the par fine beaches. Oh yes, Trump tight waves on the beach is also not so strong so it is still safe to play.

Coral rocks

The most important object yes pal because the tens of rocks that exist with varying sizes and shapes as well.

For the color black is beautiful, plus The blue water companion and white coin the Ombat that hit the rock. Then produce a typical sound that really can't be insensed with other beaches.

It is often used as a prewedding location, because the beauty of coral corals on the edge of the beach is indeed not as high as the rocks of the teeth shark teeth Tanggamus, but no less photogenic on the beach in Kalianda.

Soft white sand

Those who have been mentioned, friend, friend, I am that white sand that stretches here is very beautiful in view and also smooth when you are holding. Just sitting relax around the beach quite relaxing visitors after tired with a work routine.

Clear water

Then the water on the beach is very clear when we do swimming activities it will feel very refreshing. Simply see the panorama of the beauty of the sea alone is so grateful for enjoying this creating heaven and earth.

Decorative fish

Oh yeah, besides what has been mentioned above, it turns out if we want to do swimming activities using the glasses in particular, it will be found the beauty of small colors with its beauty.

It was not without reason why he could see clearly, yes from the white sand and clear blue water. To the extent that swimming on the beach in Kalianda can be more fun and exciting, especially the family or your friend.

Stunning sunset and sunrise

This is one of the most attractions in the visitors, namely when the sun rises and sunset. You can come to the evening beach range at 6:00 a.m. and around 17:00 in the afternoon, while sitting relax.

Reon visitors flocked to watch Sunrise and also sunset in the western horizon.

Tips for visiting the beach

You suggest that the coral rock on the beach in Kalianda is rather sharp. Fear of feet can blisters especially until they slip and hit the rocks. So you don't be too close to the coral rocks around the beach to stay safe.

Then you can also wear thick protective clothing to also avoid friction with the rocks.


Okay, how come here it's quite clear, it's not a friend of Pesanusan, I'm about the beach in Kalianda in South Lampung which is very suitable for traveling with family and friends. Besides being satisfied with the atmosphere and spot-spot photos that are Instagrmable Sekligus View Panorama Nature around.

So that's a short review of educational garden tours that are stacked in such a way and as completely available and as a reference to your visit.

Hopefully the article above is useful, friend and don't forget to share your experience if you have traveled here to be enjoyed by others too. Precisely in the comment pool below, friend. Or if it feels that the article is useful, then please share it to your social media. I think enough and thank you.

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